Join the Club and 'Try Before you Buy'


The Australian Target Shooters Club (ATSC) is the unique new way to give interested people the opportunity to take up the sport and find out which type of target shooting they would enjoy best.

Due to the popularity of The Australian Target Shooters Club we are CURRENTLY CLOSED TO ALL new memberships until further notice.

Competitive target shooting is a skilful, challenging and responsible sport enjoyed by men and women of all ages all round the world.


The six main target shooting disciplines require different firearms:


CLAY TARGET (shotgun)
FULL BORE (rifle)

Other disciplines include Muzzle Loading (rifle, shotgun, pistol) and Field & Game (shotgun).


The ATSC enables members to learn from experts and get target range experience in each discipline in a stringently safe, responsible environment with firearms supplied during training, all at an affordable membership fee.

No-one would buy a set of expensive golf clubs, ski equipment or scuba gear before trying out those sports first. You would use someone else's equipment first. The same applies to target shooting.

ATSC members are able to decide which target shooting discipline is for them before they commit to buying their own firearm and mandatory secure storage.

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